A symbol of strength, high ideals and dominance.

The Stag will not be deterred from their vision.  They are wise, thorough, patient, proud, and believe in hard work.  Integrity is their trademark.

The Stag is Our Story

In 1997 Anthony Warr embarked on a career in financial planning.  Little did he know, the industry was incentivised and paid commission by the manufacturers of investment and insurance products. Grappling with the conflict inherent in advice, Anthony believed there was a better way.

In 2003, a vision came to life - to create a new firm with the promise to provide comprehensive advice solely in our clients’ best interests and paid directly by our clients.  This vision would face head-winds - with peers highly critical, archaic systems and conflicted products - however we were not deterred and found a way.

In 2011 Sam Hunt joined forces with Anthony.  They shared similar values and an equally strong desire to continue to deliver on the promise.  Together, they have been patient and worked hard to deliver on the promise.

Today we are proud of the achievements and feel privileged to serve the wonderful clients who have placed their trust in our hands.

We are WARR HUNT. The Stag defines us and dedication to our purpose.  

Making a positive difference to the financial well-being of Our People, Our Clients and Our Community.