"Linkedin and your Legal Practice"

"Linkedin and your Legal Practice"

WARR HUNT is leading a discussion group for lawyers on ‘Linkedin and your Legal Practice’.

  • Date: Thursday 16 April 2015
  • Time: Breakfast 7.45 am – 8.45am sharp
  • Location: WARR HUNT Boardroom

“…the explosive emergence of the Internet as the major worldwide distribution channel for goods, services and jobs. This is profoundly changing economies, markets, industry, products, services, consumer and labour markets…and our view of the world.”  – Peter Drucker, 1999

What does Linkedin and other Social Media mean for your Legal Practice?

The problem is not lack of information but rather finding and presenting the right information quickly and in a form that works for you and your target audience.  Over breakfast, we will facilitate discussion with you and some of your peers:

  • Social Media experiences
  • Linkedin and why we believe smart, targeted communication is now a key driver of business success
  • 5 key aspects to consider or get you started
  • Is Social Media something you should initiate, develop or bypass altogether

Please RSVP:  I wish to attend  or  I cannot attend

For any further queries, please contact me or Emma Brydon on 99350970 or

I do hope you are able to join us.

Anthony Warr

Director | WARR HUNT