“I have always tried to do it, but really I have very little time or interest to manage my finances” ... Barrister, age 50

We work with both Partners and Barristers who are successful in their chosen fields. Our experience and research reveals that today’s lawyers face financial and personal challenges few have time to address. The key issues being:

  • Managing cashflow;
  • Being time poor, getting started, leaving it too late;
  • Getting caught in the debt trap;
  • Making ad hoc financial decisions; and
  • Trying to manage multiple “financial” advisors.

Successful lawyers face significant financial planning pressures because, all too often, they have neither the time and expertise, nor objectivity to address these challenges.

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Each year I try to get my finances in order so I can plan for the future – each year I end up looking in the mirror and saying – well, there’s always next year. Partner, age 44