Victoria PiperTechnical Analyst

"It is truly fulfilling to work alongside a team of passionate and driven professionals to assist our clients in achieving their goals."

Victoria Piper Technical Analyst

Victoria Piper


My Short Story

Throughout my  studies, I had initially planned to complete a law degree and enter the legal profession.  I came to realise this was not for me.  After completing my degree in Commerce and meeting with many professionals across the finance industry, I grew more interested in Financial Planning.  I knew I was looking for a profession in which I could exercise strategic thinking, and also satisfy my desire to either help people or contribute to enriching their lives in one way or another.

I had seen many classmates and peers accept roles within companies they were not aligned with, due to the mindset that any opportunity should be taken, as it was challenging for a fresh graduate.  I allowed myself to take my time in finding a position within an environment where my voice would be heard, and within a business that had values in line with my own.

Upon learning more about WARR HUNT and the values the business upholds, something that stood out to me was the firm’s alliance with WIRE (Women’s Information and Referral Exchange), and their commitment to pro bono work for those in need, which I believe is also a testament to our commitment to our clients.

Amongst many other reasons, this is why I chose – and continue to choose – this profession and WARR HUNT – because we are passionate people who truly care about the things that matter.

More about Victoria

Victoria joined WARR HUNT in 2018 in our Client Services team.  In 2019, Victoria was promoted to Technical Analyst, progressing quickly through dedication, hard work and great enthusiasm to learn.

Victoria’s role works closely with the Advisors to develop and manage long term financial and wealth management plans for our clients.

Victoria graduated from Deakin University’s Melbourne campus in 2016.  During her study and throughout 2017, Victoria worked part-time in the optical profession, gaining extensive experience in customer service and working as part of a team.

Victoria has a passion to contribute to community, which aligns with our firm's commitment to giving back.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Commercial Law and Management)
  • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning

Professional Memberships

  • Financial Planning Association (FPA), Associate