A different approach — one that begins with
you and the life you want to lead.

WARR HUNT is an independent Financial and Wealth Management firm. We help individuals and families better their financial lives and live the life they want to lead.


Understanding You             

It starts with understanding you. The foundation of our success is a relationship built on trust. Side-by-side, we help you make informed decisions to live your ideal life.

Personalised, Comprehensive 

Every relationship leads to a personalised, comprehensive plan which we craft, implement and manage.  The outcome of this work is the need to manage investments.

Evidence-based investing

We believe in evidence-based investing, drawing on decades of academic research. We structure and manage your investment portfolio to capture the returns that markets offer.

Fiercely Independent       

We are fiercely independent, with no affiliations to or control by financial institutions. We are paid by an agreed professional fee. Our interests are aligned to your outcomes.


Past performance tells us very little WH Video Blog
When choosing a fund to invest in, most people tend to focus on how a fund has performed in the past. The fact is that a fund’s past performance tells us very little about its likely future performance. Indeed funds with a good short-term track record — in other words, those you’re likely to read about in the media — are often just the funds to avoid. Jeffrey Ptak is Global Director of Manager Research at Morningstar.
Men and Women see investing differently WH Video Blog
Research into couples and their personal finances consistently shows that it still tends to be men who make the investment decisions. But women tend to have a different attitude towards investing, and when they are involved, they often make better choices. Hear from Dr Moira Somers, a financial psychologist at the University of Manitoba.

What OUR clientS say

Barrister, client since 2008

My take home message from the Royal Commission is that customers are protected from banks’ bad behaviour when they have representatives like you who are 100% independent of the banks and wholly loyal to the customer.

Barrister, client since 2008

Alan Taylor, client since 2004

We have great confidence in your leadership, your advice and that of your team, to achieve the best outcomes. WARR HUNT is an extremely professional operation yet friendly and welcoming, a great asset and very much appreciated by us and I’m sure all your clientele.

Alan Taylor, client since 2004

Anaesthetist, age 42

The problem is that we are sole traders. I guess that is a big challenge. We cannot really build businesses.

Anaesthetist, age 42

Barrister, age 50

I have always tried to do it, but really I have very little time or interest to manage my finances.

Barrister, age 50