ApproachIndependent Financial and Wealth Management

Our work begins with you.

"When your values are clear, your decisions are easy.” - Roy Disney

At WARR HUNT, we believe the foundation of success is a relationship built on trust.  It starts with understanding you.  Side-by-side, we help you make informed financial decisions.

WH Role
  • Clearly defining your values, goals, family dynamics and the legacy you wish to leave behind.
  • Considering all your money; including assets, liabilities, income, spending and tax situation using a comprehensive integrated approach.
  • Managing your emotions; by providing objectivity and leadership to ensure you keep long term focus and stay on track.

Every relationship leads to a personalised, comprehensive plan which we craft, implement and manage.  The outcome of this work is the need to manage investments.  With documented goals and structured financial management, our team advise on wealth management and assist with implementation of our investment philosophy.

Making sure all aspects of your financial life work together to create, preserve and transfer wealth. 


At WARR HUNT, we do not predict the future in order to have a successful long-term investment experience.  We believe in evidence-based investing, drawing on decades of academic research.  We structure and manage your portfolio to capture the returns that markets offer.

A consistent, reliable and successful investment experience for every client.

We have experience, tools and systems to help; but it is the human connection and routine review that matters most to keeping you on track.


We are one of Australia's few truly independent financial advice firms, a unique point of difference.  We have no affiliations to or control by financial institutions, and we operate on agreed transparent fees, aligned to Relationship, Services and Management.

We believe individuals and families deserve independent financial and wealth management and the better outcomes that come with it.