Investment PhilosophyApproach

A consistent, reliable and successful investment experience for every client.

At WARR HUNT, we do not predict the future in order to have a successful long-term investment experience.

Our evidence based Enhanced Asset Class Investing approach is based on the science of capital markets.

We believe in 5 key principles that bring consistency, reliability and lower cost to our clients:

  • Capital markets build wealth
  • Invest, don’t speculate
  • Focus on known factors of return
  • Diversify broadly
  • Stay Disciplined

Decades of academic research from Nobel Laureates like Prof. Eugene FamaProf. Harry MarkowitzProf. Bob Merton, and Prof. Daniel Kahneman and leading researchers like Prof. Ken French, and Prof. Robert Novy-Marx  guide the way.

Through deep working relationships with leading financial institutions, we apply academic research to practical investment strategies to help investors benefit from what the capital markets offer.

For those clients who wish to adopt a Values Based investment strategy, we offer an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) focused alternative.

Security and Custody

All assets managed on behalf of our clients are held with a custodian on trust for our clients. Importantly, they are not attached to our assets and liabilities nor those of the custodian or investment managers.

For more on our investment philosophy, read our booklet Pursue a Better Investment Experience.