Investment PhilosophyApproach

A consistent, reliable and successful investment experience for every client.

At WARR HUNT, we do not predict the future in order to have a successful long-term investment experience.  We believe in 5 key principles that bring consistency, reliability and lower cost to our clients.

Capital markets build wealth

Invest, don’t speculate

Focus on known factors of return

Diversify broadly

Stay Disciplined

Our evidence based Enhanced Asset Class Investing approach is based on the science of capital markets, and we apply decades of research to practical investment strategies to help investors benefit from what the capital markets offer.

Sustainable Investing

We believe every investor should have the choice to invest in a sustainable way.  Our commitment to Sustainable Investing solutions for our clients is grounded in both our investment philosophy and the use of a systematic approach balancing the need for a robust investment return with the objectives of Environmental and Social responsibility, along with sound Governance.  Through a rigorous screening process, investors have the benefit of a more sustainable investment portfolio.

Security and Custody

All assets managed on behalf of our clients are held with a custodian on trust for our clients. Importantly, they are not attached to our assets and liabilities nor those of the custodian or investment managers.

Our Investment Philosophy Booklet